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About Zorbasoft
ZorbaSoft is a one-person shop. The software design, coding, maintenance, and packaging is the work of one person. The same person provides technical support, as well as web site design, development, and maintenance. The same person does this in their spare time, and holds down a full time job in addition to whatever time ZorbaSoft requires. Therefore, when the pronoun "we" is used on this site with reference to ZorbaSoft, it is the imperial "we"--"we" is not plural, nor do "we" want to be! We aim to be a cottage industry and we like it.

The Post-Industrial Cottage Industry
The pre-industrial cottage industry was a sane, healthy, and productive institution where people combined their work with the rest of their life in winning ways. Small-scale niche software provides its authors with similar promise in the post-industrial age. So here's to the post-industrial cottage industry--may it flourish and proliferate.
A Note on This Web Site
All website graphics were designed and prepared with Adobe Photoshop CS5. Web page design was finalized using Microsoft Expression Web 2. Beyond this, all web content is managed in Plato using four object classes that were scrambled up specifically for the task (and tweaked as the task progressed). All web pages are generated automatically on demand by Plato using one script that in turn uses up to six markup elements (which consist of HTML snips of the original file prepared in Expression Web ). The XML sitemap file for the website is generated automatically on demand by one additional script that uses two markup elements (which are XML snips based on material obtained from

To see how Plato manages its own website, see this.
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