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Not the Best Choice for the List to Santa Claus
Plato is great for keeping lists (though it's probably not the best choice for the list to Santa Claus). It really excels with big, elaborate lists. It's even better with several lists that are related to each other in certain ways--Plato's cross referencing abilities will display those relations. In a bibliographic database, for instance, you might keep three lists: books, authors, and publishers--all of which are linked. Clicking on a book displays an author and publisher; clicking on a publisher displays a list of books of that imprint.
Example: the 32,000 Stars Closest to the Sun
This screenshot shows a list of the 32,000 stars closest to the sun, shown here in a selective view. Each item on the list has several fields associated with it: various catalog numbers, distance from Earth in light years and parsecs, relative and absolute magnitude, and celestial position. The list was imported from an Excel spreadsheet that had been saved in CSV format.
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